Giclée Prints

What is a 'giclée' print?

A collage of several images.
It is a printmaking process that begins with a computer scan of an original piece of artwork. Since it is not a photographic process, the image colors are more true and exact. Using a special printer, which has been modified for the precision of fine art printing, more than a million droplets of ink per second are sprayed onto a canvas or watercolor paper. The result is a print that is visually rewarding, exhibiting brilliant color and razor sharp detail that is virtually unsurpassed. A giclée print is the closest duplication of an original piece of artwork that is humanly or technically available today.

I have only recently begun offering giclée prints of my artwork. The printmaker that I use has faithfully produced images of my paintings which, I feel, are the best representation of my work that is available. I offer giclée prints so that those who enjoy my art can also own it at an affordable price. My edition sizes are kept small; most are limited to 50 prints. Just like original artwork, giclée prints must be framed under glass or plexiglass.

Images are available in various sizes. Please see each individual piece of art or the order page for this information.

Giclée prints are also available framed. Please contact me for details.